Facts About the MRI Procedure

If your doctor has scheduled an MRI, you likely have a lot of questions filling your mind. The MRI is performed to help a doctor make a better medical diagnosis or to gain insight that allows him to treat your medical conditions better. While there is nothing to be nervous but, any patient who has never before had the MRI experience will tell you that’s not as easy to do as it is to say. Read below to learn a few facts about the MRI that might ease your mind when it is time to visit the advanced medical imaging in toms river nj center.

Radiation & the MRI

Some people worry when the doctor says it is time to get an MRI because they’re afraid of radiation from the test. Rest assured very little, if any, radiation enters the body during an MRI scan. This procedure is 110% safe and does not use ionizing radiation.

How Long Does The MRI Exam Take?

No one wants to spend their entire day at the doctor’s office, so the length of time that it takes to complete the MRI is of concern to any patient. For most people, the procedure takes 30 – 45 minute to complete. The time length of the procedure varies according to the area of the body that is being examined.

Can I Use an Open MR?

An Open MRI is a great option for any patient who has claustrophobia or who fears being inside of the tiny machine that take the scans during an MRI. The open MRI uses an open betting that minimizes concern and complaint for the user.

Does the MRI Hurt?

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The MRI is a pain-free procedure that doesn’t require any OTC meds for discomfort or time off from work after it is performed. There is no pain or discomfort whatsoever.