What Happens When The Pain Never Goes

The people who carry the burden of the most pain are those that have been classified as terminally ill. Positively speaking, this characterization could turn out to be something of a misnomer. Because records may show that many men and women who are ‘terminally’ ill end up living for a lot longer than was initially predicted. But is has to be borne in mind why this is so. There are numerous causes for such rates of survival.

There is the will to live and to carry on fighting to see through another day. But it is burdensome and harrowing. So much pain to bear. But it is the folks who have managed to go beyond gritting their teeth and permanently etching severe grimaces across their faces. These are the folks who made one splendid discovery after another after posing the initial question; really, is there anywhere I can go to to find a cure-all for all this pain that I must bear.

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Is there no pain management near me, none whatsoever? And it was a pleasantly surprising discovery that they then made. They were met more than halfway by a brilliant team of specialist physicians. These are the men that have mastered and now practice many of the holistic techniques of pain management. No other pain killer would ever work. Doctors’ prescriptions, whether from a specialist or the run of the mill general practitioner, simply never worked.

And you could just about forget about over the counter or store by store remedies. Doesn’t work. It never did. Holistic pain management often entails the mastering of mind over matter, working a way through the pain barrier until it is simply overcome. No patented invention could ever achieve this, but these doctors could.